Monday, May 31, 2010

The CD is Complete

Good morning, everyone. I hope you all are doing well on this Memorial Day and taking time to remember our troops. In a little bit I will do my annual "thank you for your service" call to my Dad, followed by one to my Mom - who served this country by faithfully supporting my father. Amen!

As most of you know my first Storytelling CD, "Hands Wide Open", is complete. I am thrilled to hear some of the comments. Let me share some with you.

Thank you very much for the CD. I received it last night and I've been listening to it and loving it! You are a truly talented person. - Kimberley McBryar, West Sunbury, PA (Teacher)
I LOVE the CD; got it last night in the mail and listened to it....Great Job! – Denise Creasman, Williamsburg, VA (Hospitality)
"Your new CD is marvelous! Listened to it the whole way home last night! Great to see you again." – Jane Crouse, Richmond, VA (Storyteller)

This is very exciting for me. Also, exciting is that last week I (along with my love, Lamont - ah, that's another story), sold over $630 worth of CD's after programming I did for Worldstrides and in various meetings I attended. Can I just say, "WOW" ?

I never knew how this experience was going to so move my life and how much God would be able to teach me through this process. I am learning to speak dreams as victories already given. Learning that setbacks and obstacles are only that way in my mind, and do not stop God's ability to do amazing things. Learning that prosperity is a wonderful thing, but doesn't mean more than a relationship with God - and keeping that focus will keep me humble. I will not be a DIVA (in spite of the fact that sometimes I want to be. ;)

Thanks to all who have purchased and listened. Thanks for the feedback. Oh, my favorite feedback was from a wonderful performer, a great friend, an awesome mother, and my assistant, LaQuita. She said the CD has been banned from her home, after her daughter answered her by mimicing Elaina's line, "But, Mom, I'm dancing." LOL. I'm thrilled to know that children and adults are enjoying it so much, that it's coming into their speech.

Makes me want to do another - ah, but that would be November 2010. Love ya.