Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Day in Hampton

Good morning. Well, yesterday I had the opportunity to perform in my home city, Hampton, VA. I get very few requests for performances in Hampton, and it saddens me. I am doing more in Hampton than I have ever done, but I wish I could do more.

I was thrilled to be at A.W. Bassette Elementary School yesterday and had a blast with the teachers and staff. They will also have a booth at the Hampton History Museum for the program on Mar. 6, where I will be at as well. It will be great to see them. If you are around time, come and see me for any of the four 1/2 hour programs - 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm and 2 pm.

On a CD note, I believe I have told the name of the CD - "Hands Wide Open." And I have attached what will possibly be the cover picture. Buck is going to California for a little bit to work, and we are working on the graphics. I have to finish some of this work - for an hour - each day. Needs to get done, so he can do the mockup of the CD. We are scheduled to start the recording on Mon., Mar. 13, 2010. Please keep myself and Buck (my producer) in prayer - as I believe we are about to hit some spiritual warfare regarding the CD. I have my armor from God on, and am ready for a battle, and need your prayers through this busy time. Let me know what I can pray for you. Peace.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Virginia Bound

Hello, everyone. I have spent this past week going up and down the roads of Virginia. I had a day off on Monday - and I remember very little of it, except working at the computer and trying to finish my schedule for the days I'd be in Virginia.

All my programs were through Young Audiences of Virginia. On Tuesday I had three programs - Portsmouth, Virginia Beach (for College students at TCC) and in Warsaw, VA at Rappahannock Community College. I ended the night by driving to Franklin, VA,where I was performing on Wednesday at S.P. Morton Elementary - wonderful time there - thanks Bonnie and Frank, especially. Then I spent Wednesday afternoon driving up to Northern Virginia. I missed most of the traffic by driving Route 1 and that was pleasant. I stayed with my Aunt Marion and Uncle Selby - thank you both, and met my little cousin - Maciah. (I may be spelling that wrong. :(

Then on Thursday I was at Rose Hill Elementary School, which was the school my cousins attended when they were young. It was good. I also recognized that the only home that is still in the family from the time I was young, is the home of this Aunt and Uncle. It was wonderful to visit, but also bittersweet seeing how time had moved each of us up and away and we only had one "homestead" left. I will treasure this time.

I left that afternoon - again with the joy of Metro traffic - to get home and performed yesterday at Strawbridge Elementary in Virginia Beach. Had a wonderful time with the students and staff, and other visitors who kept stopping by. :) If you haven't heard of Young Audiences, then google them and see them across the country providing affordable programming for students. It's a non-profit organization and if you'd like to contribute to them, they would love it!! Glad for a day off and still have much work today.

Thought for the day: When we ask God to know us - do we really mean it? Peace,