Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Quick Performance Update: 
     Wed., 12/31/14 - First Night Williamsburg (VA) at 8:15 pm (Ol' Bess Speaks at a Gathering:  18th-Century Storytelling Program) and 10:15 pm (General Family Storytelling), performing at Temple Beth El, need tix;  
Lamont and I
       Tues., Jan. 6, 2015, 12:30 pm, Churchland Academy Elementary, Portsmouth for Young Audiences of Virginia, Inc. presenting "Ole Skool Classics Storytelling Program" , a part of Portsmouth Heart and Soul Project

Jan. performances:  IL (Peoria); Virginia (Charlottesville, Norfolk, Portsmouth)
I started this year with my Mom, but without my fiancĂ©. 
I end this year with a husband, but without my Mom.
                        Is One Better than the Other? 
                        I wonder!

I started this year with hundreds of emails, but without calm in my Spirit.
I end this year with under 20 emails, but with a peace that only Christ could provide
                       One is Definitely Better than the Other!
                        I delight!

I started this year with a blog called “New Beginnings”, and believed lots of blogs to come.
I end this year with 1 blog being completed and a blog called “With/Without”
                        One doesn't always lead to another.
                        I procrastinate!

I started this year with a goal or two, but could only wait.
I end this year with a goal or two met, but more goals to go.
                        One should always grow.
                        I hope!

Kriss and I
I started this year with my son close by, but me traveling a lot.

     I end this year with my son leaving for ATL, 
         and me sitting for a month at home.
                        Will I miss that ONE?
                        I won’t!

Wait a minute, Sheila, what was that last answer?
It’s true, I won’t miss my son….too much.  I won’t miss him the way I missed him when I dropped him off at DePaul University, Chicago, IL and cried for an hour straight and then slept for 3 straight hours on the train back home.  

I’m glad he’s going to a place he has wanted to be.  I’m glad he has matured so much since he has been home.  I’m glad he’s going to what he worked for and still has goals to do much more.  I’m glad I had so much time with my friend, my son, my fan, and now want him to GO FORWARD. 

Stephanie (my younger sister), Mom and I
I started this year holding tightly to my family
I end this year with my hands open….
        My Mom to see again in heaven
        My Son to see on holidays
        My Father redefining traditions
        My Sister coming home a little more often
        My Adopted Daughter with the job she loves
        My Husband and I still growing as “one flesh”

And Me?  Well, I believe every start has an end, and many ends can lead to  new Starts….and maybe more than one blog in 2015.  :) 

What is Ms. Sheila reading? "Parables of a Country Parson":  Heartwarming Stories of Christian Faith and Love" by William E. Barton.  I am hoping to tell a ton of new stories from this book and it is an absolute delight.
Most interesting thing researched this week? Smithsonian Magazine article about research regarding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Civil War Soldiers.  Fascinating to see the research into the past correlating so much with soldiers today.  My father, a veteran of war himself, said there probably was PTSD in every war, we just didn't have that name and the understanding that war can have residual effects.