Saturday, April 3, 2010

Working at Home

Hello, Everyone. It's nice to be working at home, and I have so much to get done. I have sort of thrown my hands up in the air about getting a lot done because I still have so much travel left. However, when the last of May comes and I'm home almost all summer and certainly having my days available in summer - I can imagine my house turning into a place to live.

You all well know that the CD is recorded and has been mastered, and now re-mastered. We decided to add just a bit more space between the stories - so people could breathe and pause and enjoy, before the next story was to come. Neil Kesterson, the Sound Engineer, has been wonderful to work with on this project. I am astounded how he was able to e-mail the "Pauses" to me, which my parents and I delighted in. The sales of the CD continue to rise for pre-sale, but once the CD is in my hand, I expect that it will sell quite well. I can't wait to sell them for the Worldstrides groups. It will be such a pleasure.

I clinched (through God's direction) another new program to start in June. June, in spite of being easier and at home, will also have the challenge of being the time I have new programming beginning for Worldstrides and for Crowne Plaza. However, nothing like new developments to get the blood and mind continuing to flow. Take care everyone, sorry for just chatting today. Peace and remember "He is Risen."