Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two hour delay

So, all week long the news has been about getting ready for the "wintry mix" and brace yourself for ice. Young Audiences of Virginia scheduling Director, Anna Heywood, sent me an e-mail to keep alert. I prepared myself last night by "bookmarking" the websites for the two school districts I was going to be performing in. Then I went and watched the BCS Bowl Game, got home late, woke up early and looked online: First School: 2 Hours Delayed. Yeah! A little extra sleep.

However, my Scheduling Director was not asleep, she was busy trying to rearrange the time of my program so that I could a) fulfill an obligation, b) give the students a great arts experience, and c) continue my revenue flow. Gotta love all those reasons, and I love Anna for working so hard.

One of the "downsides" of running a business are when you have no control over the "natural" things that happen. I have been postponed for programming due to weather, and not gotten paid on that day. I have been delayed an hour or more, and had to change later in the day in programming or transportation arrangements. I have been snowed in my hotel room and had to creep across the parking lot to get a hot meal, before I went stir crazy. I have had the joy of sitting in the nook of a warm kitchen with a friend, as we worked on computers across from each other, watched the snow pile up (and then melt) and drink tons of coffee! (Thanks, Christa.) All uncontrollable by me, but this I have learned - God makes a way.

I have rarely seen cancellations, postponements or delays as terrible - it's just life. How I deal with these things is the proof of my character - for good or bad. I think that's how we need to think of anything that happens through our day. Yes, we might get cancelled, but then can we enjoy a leisurely day watching the snow fall. Yes, we might get postponed, but the reality is the money will come later. Yes, we might get delayed, but look around maybe there is aomething at that moment that we could otherwise be doing....or we can get some more sleep. :) Peace, my friends.

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