Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010

Hello, Everyone. Happy New Year. I had a wonderful holiday season and am thrilled to see another year and, as the old folks would say, "I'm still in my right mind. :)

I had a great time yesterday in Williamsburg. First, I told stories at Mauna Community Church, a Korean Methodist Church, in Williamsburg. I had friends, Young and Claudia Kim, who I had not intersected with for almost 3 years, invite me to their new church. When I arrived I saw Lydia, their daughter, and their nephew, Samuel. It was great to see them again. I told 3 stories: "Toad is Called Uncle", Vietnamese folktale; "Anansi and the Quail", African folktale; and, a 21st century version of "The Good Samaritan" (Biblical parable). The stories were well-received by the kids (and the parents who stayed).

What was neat to see how each of the folktales had a biblical lesson or insight as well. In "Toad" I was able to compare THE king of heaven (God) to the story's "king of heaven" - God cares about us and we never have to worry about him not wanting to hear our requests and it doesn't take so long to talk to him - all opposites of the story's "king of heaven." And the kids got that point. In "Anansi" we talked about controlling our anger, how to deal with people when we are angry, and learning to love people even when they are working hard to trick you. I also shared with the kids about my mission trips to Vietnam and Malawi. (In prayer to go back to Malawi this July.)

Then I met with Darci and we reveiwed items for this weekend, and she told her story. It's interesting that as I'm learning from my Producer (Thanks, Buck) about my stories, he is right that I hear others' stories so differently. I know Darci will do great and I can see the differences in the way I hear and give feedback with stories. Well, the day needs to continue. Have a great week everyone. Peace and belief,

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