Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Now it's time to say 2009

Hello, friends. Well, I'm in my hotel room in Albuqurque, NM, and am anxious to get home - an unusual position for me. I have had a great time in California (seeing Litel Elementary, Campbell Hall and Vinedale Elementary) and here in New Mexico (seeing Thoreau Elementary). Seeing my past 2 adopted schools was great and seeing my teachers whom I really care about was awesome. Being a "superstar" was wonderful with the students and I loved their response to the stories. The story that wins, hands-down, "Little Johnny Eight Spot." Each of my adopted schools wanted to hear it again, and I conceded. It will hopefully be on the CD.

Ah, the CD. I'm thrilled now that I know my controlling idea - Hearts and Smiles. I still have three stories to write, have characterizations on my stories to be done, and I need to record "Elaina's Birthday Dance" to see if I can hear the child, or the adult behind the child. Lots to do, and I'm grateful that Buck is so patient with me. I do believe it is on my website to be bought now, so today and tomorrow out goes the e-mail for pre-sale. Can't wait.

I have had a great year. I had 200 programs in 16 states, (WA, VA, IL, NM, OK, Minnesota, GA, PA, WV, KY, AZ, CA, OR, FL, IA, MD), including Worldstrides, Young Audiences of Virginia, CWTI outreach and "Tickle My Ear" Chrysler Museum programs. I added on 4 new states that I have been in - Minnesota, Arizona, Nebraska and Iowa. I had several repeat programs including, but not limited to, East Intermedieate (Jenks, OK), Harvest Hills Elementary (OK), Bourbon Central Elementary (Paris, KY), North Middletown Elementary (North Middletown, KY), Malvern Elementary (PA) & Felida Elementary (Vancouver, WA).

I have been to Disneyland, visited Spokane and taken that marvelous road in Washington from Spokane to Vancouver, across the mountain - amazing. I have hung out with old friends and have met new ones (Sharon Kennedy being a main new friend). I finished my 2nd adopted school - Thoreau & started my third - Roosevelt. I have visited all of my adopted schools at least twice this year.

God continues to bless my life, continues to grow the gift He gave me, and gives me opportunities to use this gift more and more for him. "How can I say thanks for the things He has done for me? Things so undeserved, that He gave to prove His love for me....To God be the Glory!"

Merry Christmas

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