Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Been a long time

Hello, everyone. Been a while since I have blogged and that's mostly because I have not done much traveling. I have enjoyed my stay at thome time. It was very productive, as God planned it to be.

I am presently in Sioux City, IA and did a 5th Grade Creative Writing Workshop at Roosevelt and Unity Elementary. This was a quick turn around. We did some "brain jogging" - writing for a ful minute. The Roosevelt 5th graders handed in their stories for the "prize" and I was excited that in Mrs. Vanderschaaf's class so many of the students handed in stories - Good going! We focused on our senses, did creative poems-songs-statements, tried "pass the plate" (did not work as well as I hoped), did my Mulberry activity, and then they wrote their version from "Finding a Good Stick" using the first stick - a small man with a small boat on a large river.

At Unity, each of the classes have different assignments. Mrs. Beach's class will write about how the picture of the big mouth carp got into the paper, and a story about the fish. Ms. Evans' class will write their version from "Finding a Good Stick" using the second stick - a house in the woods with strange people in it. Finally, Ms. Flewelling's class will write an ending to "Hippo Outcast Love Call", which ended with the hippo coming on the porch. Should be interesting.

CD project is going along great. I had my photo shoot on Sunday and it was awesome!! I loved the pictures and can't wait to see them again. I believe we have lots of options. You should have seen the looks I received while telling a story to a weeping willow tree. Priceless. Also, have established a business account at BBandT, and will be talking with their insurance part about the Business Insurance. Producer has been paid the deposit for the prep time, and we had a phone conference, to discuss our calendar for prep time, review one of the stories and discuss "controlling idea" of the CD.

Time to go. Peace, my friends

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