Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The First CD's Pre-Sold!

Hello, everyone. I am in North Hollywood, CA at the moment. Yesterday I performed at Litel Elementary School, Chino Hills, CA. It was beautiful and clear yesterday and I could see the mountains and they were snow covered - just gorgeous. It's a little cold right now in the L.A. area, but at least right now not raining.

Yesterday, at the end of the "Words of Excitement" program I announced the first pre-sale of CD's, and had my first three sales. Yeah!! I am thrilled to know that somebody likes me. :) LOL. Today, my scripture was talked about by Beth Moore, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Lord, how marvelous are your works, and that I know full well" - Ps. 139. I feel that way today! Thanks for this great gift of performance that encourages and blesses others.

I did the story "Elaina's Birthday Dance" last night and loved watching the reactions of the adults as much as the kids. They were really excited about that story, AND, I could directly relate it to affirming your child's dream - sincethat is what Elaina's mother did.

Oh, ate at Pacific Fish Grill in Chino Hills - EXCELLENT!! I had teh Mahi Mahi Grilled Platter, which comes with rice (perfection) and pita bread (warm) and usually a salad. I didn't want the salad and paid to get the grilled zucchini instead - wonderful - it also had the garlic butter. It was a filling, but not overly filling meal - perfect for lunch - check it out sometime.

Time to get moving. Things to do, places to go. Peace,

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