Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Program

Hello, everyone. Well, I arrived back in Virginia early yesterday morning (12/3) about 1 am. I stayed overnight in Norfolk, because it was so early. Have I told you all how much I love Choice Hotels (Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, Comfort Suites and Clarion). I can earn points very quickly staying with them and that allows me on early mornings like yesterday to get a free night much closer than home. If you are a traveling person then make sure you are gaining points from your hotel, airline and rental car purchases. Being loyal does turn into great benefits down the road.

Yesterday I went with Young at Heart (our more senior folks at my church, First Baptist Norfolk) to Bobbitt Mid-rise. I believe Bobbitt is assisted living for more senior folks. I was invited by Jo to come and tell stories. I love telling stories to more senior folk; they love a good story and they listen with as much enthusiasm as children. When I am with them, I just want to bask under their approval. They have heard so many stories in their life, and have so many of their own, that I wonder why don't I just bore them, instead, they are appreciative of others' stories.

I truly felt like the little girl growing up in Second Baptist Church, Falls Church, VA - where the old folk would come up to you after you sang a solo, or did a poem, or gave the prayer, or performed in the Christmas/Easter pageant - and said, "Oh, baby, that was so good. You gonna really be something!" We all need that and we certainly need to give that to our young kids today. On those days in church, I knew I could overcome and do anything. Later, when I received more critical feedback, I still had the foundation of their words. Let us love our children with good words, so when we need to give them more critical feedback, they can hear and know they are stil loved and still "gonna really be something!"

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