Monday, March 8, 2010

A Coming Home

Yesterday I gave an African-American Storytelling Presentation at First Baptist Church Warrenton (Fauquier County), VA. It was a coming home of sorts for me. My father was raised in this county and so many people came out in support, not necessarily of me, but of the relationship that my parents have had with the community. I had lots of my Dad's side of the family there and it was a joy to see them. (Thanks, Whit and Betty, for coming all the way from North Carolina!)

It was an amazing experience to present in the church. African-American Baptist folk like to respond and interact and there was lots of that. I also had the joy to have an "out of body experience" as I watched myself tell a story (one I don't do often) and said to myself, "Wow! She's good." :) I really saw God at work - in choosing what stories to tell, in which order and how long to go!

Bottom line - I had a blast! And it was very, very well-received. Yesterday I believe I realized I will do well at Storytelling Festivals, with my reliance on God. I cannot thank Mabel Joynes and Cousin Virginia White enough for their belief in me, and how they treated me like a superstar.

I'm in Pennsylvania right now, in a place called Mountville (?), just stopped to sleep at the hotel before I head to Malvern. I leave today on a great high from yesterday, but also much humility - I must share the gift and it's not really mine. Amen!

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