Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rapt 4th Graders

Wow, what a day yesterday! It was long and by the end I was more exhausted physically than I have been in many, many months, even a couple of years. I am presently in Jessup, MD (again I had to ask the front desk person - "where am I?" - LOL). Had time to share and vent and cry to God, and He used His word to help revive my soul. Amen.

Now, the 4th graders! What a great time I had at General Wayne Elementary School, Malvern, PA with the 4th graders. Every year I had gone before I was with the 5th graders and with my buddy, Barbara Masters (who I didn't get to see - Sorry!) The teacher asked me for the full two hours of my time with these students.

I presented Betsy Costner Historic Character Presentation (pre- and post-Civil War). It's one of the most powerful presentations I do. For 45 mins. the students traveled with me through the life of Betsy Costner. Then for 15 mins. we had Q&A. After that we did a little "Juba" just to move a bit, and then it was Q&A and giving facts about the War, about the life of the slave, etc. for the next 45 mins. One student even asked, "Where did the slaves come from?" Ahhh, my favorite lesson. So I had the chance to teach it - my way - and then review it. I'm so proud of those kids and they way they learned, and I love teaching that particular topic. It was great!!

So at 3 pm I say, "It's time to go" and there are groans from the students. I say, "Really, you have to go." And I get a standing ovation from some of the 4th graders. We spent so much time learning, learning, learning and they wanted more. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? I even gave the teachers a chance to ask questions and each of them did - what great examples. Had a great time, Amy. Hope to do it again.

Joy and Pain - don't they always seem to come at the same time? But God is the God of both!! Amen.

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