Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recording Day!

Good morning, everyone. Yesterday was RECORDING DAY! And it was awesome. A special, special thank you to Don P. "Buck" Creacy (Georgetown, KY) for being an amazing producer before, during and after this recording. I had a blast. We recorded at Dynamix Productions in Lexington, KY (Neil Kesterman - he's the man!)

It was fun. Very low key, although very high quality. I was introduced to the little dog (maybe a pug of some sort), Miley, who kept a smile on my face as he interacted with us throughout the day. I was able to wear microphones and hear my own voice - and that was really exciting to me - because I could hear my voice telling the story and I enjoyed what I was hearing.

Buck, and Neil, were always kind and respectful when I needed to repeat something. There is something about a Southern Gentleman that just makes you feel like you are a Queen. It was fun to hear Neil laugh after a story or song was done - he seemed to enjoy what I was doing as well. And, Buck, still got choked up on "A Good Stick."

Here's the truth folks. Buck said in the beginning as we were prepping for this CD, "I hope through all of this that somehow I will help you to be an even better storyteller." He has done that. I think about my stories more intensely - not just the ones on the CD, but while on the road. I evaluate myself and the characters I present with more scrutiny - is the voice right? Is it clear? Is there a theme? Does the order make sense? I'm actually a better "thinking" storyteller. He has also helped me write a better story. I took his advice on every story, except "Simon and Susannah" - that story is so ingrained in me, that changing it even further is very difficult. His advice has taught me so much. Thank you so much, Buck.

Okay, so pass this on to friends to want (or need) to record their CD's. Buck Creacy, Aslan Productions, freshdeal@buckpcreacy.com, www.aslanproductions.com. He's a Storyteller-Producer - and you can't beat that.

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