Saturday, September 18, 2010

Colonial Williamsburg Storytelling Festival 2010

Today is the Colonial Williamsburg Storytelling Festival. Actually it started last night with Dovie Thompson. She's amazing and so incredibly kind and sweet. Today we have an afternoon program which includes her, Donald Davis, Shel Browder (?) and Megan Hicks. Looking forward to meeting Megan. Then in the evening is Donald Davis - I think by himself - we'll see.

This morning the Williamsburg Storytelling Collaborative is having a Storytelling Concert at the Kimball Theatre. Myself, Sharon Rogers, Anthony Boucher and Gillian Dawson are performing. It should be fun. The money raised this morning will go to National Storytelling Network. This is a wonderful organization which has the focus to help preserve and disseminate the art of storytelling. Check out the website. Well, I have to go and press my caftan - yes, another one. :)

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