Thursday, September 16, 2010

Marketing Opportunitites

Yesterday was a productive day - lots of work completed. I am realizing I will always have more work to do, particularly in the area of marketing. I have found a few more areas to check for programming possibilities: a) Performing Arts Centers at Universities/Colleges; b) Youth Education Programs at Museums and c)County Arts Councils and Societies.

As a self-employed person one of the most important things I can continue to do is market my services. I continue to talk and communicate with my regular Teacher Friends around the country. However, I do some "cold" calls as well. I send out a brochure or envelope of information and then follow-up that mailing with a phone call. Okay, let me be honest, that is a Mary Kay, Inc., technique. I will say again, as I have said often, the best Marketing class I ever had was my training as a Mary Kay Consultant. These marketing skills are still an active part of my life. Thanks, Mary Kay. The other place I find marketing opportunities is finding out where other performers and storytellers have gone; not so I can directly compete in that area, but it gives me ideas of similiar areas to approach. For instance, Pippa White (an amazing performer) has programs about nurses and has been able to access lots of Nursing Conferences. In reading that, I realized I needed to make more of a focus in talking with "African-American" and "Busines Women" organizations for my Character Presentations.

Finally, the other opportunity for Marketing that has been great, has been working with Virginia Storytelling Association (VASA). Being a member of an organization in my field gives me opportunities I didn't have before. Since joining VASA I have increased my Virginia performances because they list all their members and the website. I'm not certain that Linkedin and Facebook have helped, but I'm trying to utilize them more. I am a member of NSN, but that hasn't help me see an increase in programming, but does give me ideas through their very good "Storytelling Magazine" and provides a backing as a non-profit, if I want to access other funds. Bottom line, each group I join in my field, has potential to be very helpful.

That's the end of my Marketing Lesson today. :) Peace, Ms. Sheila

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