Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Perspective

I just did a presentation of "The Ragged King", which is based on a parable that is included in David Jeremiah's book, What is Navtivity? (See Lesson 9). It's a beautiful parable about looking into the heart of a king who falls in love with a humble woman - a peasant. In the end the king realizes the only way he can ensure that this woman can love him for himself and can even see his glory, is when he becomes a peasant himself. It is the story of Christ to humanity.

As I was practicing this piece (and I often have to be careful with practice, because sometimes it leaves the world of storytelling and becomes a script), I reversed the perspective. Using almost the same words I looked at the story through the eyes of the humble woman. It was an amazing and startling change of view, and, helped me remember the piece better, particularly better as a story.

I often encourage teachers to have students write or debate from an opposite perspective. However, I hadn't done that for myself. There is a lot of storywriting happening from the other perspective - "The Three Little Pigs" and "Red Riding Hood" from the point of the wolf is the most common example. However, what if I changed perspective on even my most basic stories. "Possum and the snake" - from the point of view of the snake. "Tigertail Soup" from the point of view of the tiger. These stories become fresh and knew and give wonderful insight.

I don't think I will ever "tell" the story from these perspectives, but having at least told the perspective to myself, gives me more depth with each character. This is actually what Buck Creacy had me do when looking at each of my characters in the story, however, this is just a bit deeper in that each person is given the same story to tell.

Why not try a different perspective with your next story? or even when debating with someone or trying to figure them out? or maybe I should pass this on from Congress? Oh, but that's a whole different story. Peace.

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