Sunday, December 12, 2010

Being Led

Hello, Friends. Yesterday I was performing at Beacon House, a place in Virginia Beach that helps teach and reinforce life skills for folks who have suffered a brain injury from a variety of things, i.e., stroke, victim of crime, car accidents, birth, etc. It was so much fun. I told the story "The Tree Called Beatrice" - a favorite of mine for Christmas. It was the perfect story because Adam in the story is "different" and treated that way by other folks, but he had such good qualities. The group seemed to really relate to Adam. I had not chosen the story for that purpose, but regonized the moment I started what a wonderful choice it was.

Later that evening while at my friend, Vicki Blett's, house, I shared this with her and her husband. Her husband, Larry (a fine actor in his own right :), said, "You know that wasn't you, it was the Holy Spirit - you were led." And that I believe is true. There are times when the story is perfect and I wasn't going to tell it, or I didn't have it originally on my mind, but it suddenly comes out. While I'm telling it, I can see "this is the one" and I do feel, and know that I am, led. Listening to the inner spirit, and I know this Spirit as one from God - can be difficult in my regular every day life, however in my life of performance, I find it much easier to hear. I think it's because I give over my performances each and every time and don't actively do that every day. (Was that conviction I heard, Sheila?)

Well, off I go, another "led" opportunity this morning. Presenting "The Ragged King", which is based on a parable shared with me from David Jeremiah's book - "Why the Nativity?" Merry Christmas

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