Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stories and Songs

Yesterday I went to Cuffee Center, Chesapeake, VA and presented a Christmas story. It's one that had been working its way through my mind and I presented my version of "The Little Drummer Boy." It was well-received and I saw areas of improvment I could make. However, it begun me thinking more about the stories behind songs.

It's an area I haven't looked at, but there are so many good stories BEHIND the songs that are written or about the authors themselves. I have been reading the words to "I'm Satisfied with Jesus" by B.B. McKinney as part of my Quiet Time over the last few weeks and I have enjoyed learning about B.B. McKinney along the way. He was considered a gentle man, but wrote voraciously and helped edit some of the Southern Baptist Hymnals. His famed words, which he says came from his mother, "When you sing a song, make sure you believe in the words." Oh, what a story his life or even moments in his life could make.

The stories behind "Great is Thy Faithfulness", "It is Well With my Soul" and "Jesus Paid it all" - all powerful stories and worthy of telling, as well as singing. There are also many non-Christian songs that could made into, or might already be stories, but we only see the song side. "Pappa was a rolling stone" - hmmmm - what could we do with that. Maybe we can't use "Shake your groove thing" or "Baby, got back" - LOL - but there is a whole 'nother area of stories just waiting for us to share in the world of music.

Have a great day. It's snowing here and snowing hard and fast, we're expecting 3 inches and it's been steady and heavy for the last hour and a half. Then to turn to rain and freeze over tonight. You can imagine it's going to be a challenge; so if you're going out be safe, and if you're in - stay in. :)

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