Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Downingtown, PA - Assembly Coordinators

I am performing in the Downingtown, PA Area School District - 4 schools - Pickering Valley, Shamona Creek, Uwchlan (prounced - U-klin) Hills and Springton Manor. So far, I've finished at Pickering Valley and had a great day. I was met by the wonderful smiling faces and loving hearts of Michelle Orris and Beth Stein, and was able to hang with my friend and great teacher, Audrey Blust.

What has impressed me the most about these 4 schools is how the Assembly Coordinators through their "Hands and Families" (their version of PTA) have worked together. They meet together a couple of times a year, share ideas for assemblies and then proceed to work together to bring in interesting assemblies for their students, sharing the load in costs, but planning for the assembly during the same week. Very wise. If more PTA's would do this, actively seek working with other PTA's, they would be able to give so much more to their students. It also helps improve relations between different schools. From a performer's perspective this is wonderful because it gives me more performances at one time and I'm not moving from hotel to hotel or traveling back up to this area several times a year.

Kudos to the Assembly Coordintors - Michelle, Jean, Marie, Alyson, Amanda and Mary Ann - you all have made this Performance Week wonderful!!

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