Saturday, October 31, 2009

Carry me back to ole Kentucky

Kentucky The Blue Grass State. The Kentucky Derby. Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and Garrett Morgan and Muhammad Ali. UK Wildcates and Louisville Cardinals. It's an amazing state. I love coming here.

Last Saturday and Sunday I visited with my cousin, Kathy; her husband, Keith; and my wonderful aunt Cathering (Kathy's mother, my father's sister). It was great. I love being with my extended family. Kathy and I get together and the ideas just flow and flow and flow... Thanks for all the love.

Then I drove up/over/ whatever to Paris, KY in Bourbon County. And, yes, there is good bourbon there. If you want a great beer, make sure you get the Bourbon Ale - only made in Kentucky - and the best beer I've ever had. Linda Ramage opened up her home and made dinner for me and some friends. The porkloin was exceptional and the fresh green beans to die for. Thanks, Linda

My good friend, Mary, and her husband, Jim (whom I adore) again opened their house for me to stay. On Day 1 of programming, in Lexington, I met my parent's friend, Carol - she is a jewel, how blessed that she came to see my presentations and then she opened her home up to me to dress and relax. I ate with my new Kentucky Storyteller friends and watched the amazing storytelling ability of Pam Holcomb - watch out for her - she's got the magic. I ate at Natasha's - good food folks - in Lexington - and attended Wandering Tellers and even did a story at open mic. I believe I can put in pictures, let's see....oops, the picture didn't go where I thought it would, but I hope you like it. Wow, my first pic.
More later...

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