Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hello, everyone. Well, I am in Oklahoma. I went home for a day and then drove up to BWI airport on Sunday and flew out to Tulsa. It was a good and pleasant trip - very full flights. Ah, but that is Sunday travel. If you want to get good rates adn easy flights - do Saturday, Tuesday or Wednesday travel. Since I had to be home for a program on SAturday (I portrayed Mary Johnson at PHoebus Days), I couldn't abide by my own advice, but it is better on those days.

While on the plane I saw the OSU Womens Equestrian Team. I learned last night at dinner that the Equestrian team is different from the Rodeo Team, and I never knew colleges had either. Also, on the plane I met a couple from Mumbai (Bombay, as we learned in early in school), INdia. Nice couple that now lives in India. On another flight I sat beside some ladies that have been in a club since they were young mothers and now are grandmothers. They travel each year together. 2 years they travel in Texas and the 3rd year they go out of state - they had gone to Newport, Rhode Island (beautiful place - highly suggest you visiting it). I suggested they visit the Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN next time. The also played this crazy dice game, which I never did pick up, but it wasn't Yahtzee. They were so comfortable with each other. "A friend sticks closer than a brother" - says Proverbs, and for these ladies it was clear they had walked through a lot together, but had come out stronger.

Yesterday I presented at Zella Ruleford's school, North 4th, 5th, & 6th Grade Center - beautiful school and new. I did Ol' Bess and it was like brushing off an old skin. I had not protrayed her in so long, it was strange to be living through her again. Okay for those who don't know me and my presentations of persons of the post, I actually treat them like they are friends outside of myself. Yes, it's weird, but it's me. The presentations went great. I hope to post a picture or two of the program in the future.

I ate last night with Andrea Rains, Norma Callicoat and Melody Aufill - all great teachers and CWTI graduates. It was great to hang with them, and Shawn - Andrea's husband of 24 years. We were at Eskimo Joe's - a traditional "hangout" in Stillwater (OSU) - and I ate the cheese fries and had a beer, just like President Bush II. :) It was a lot of fun. Okay, time to get ready for the next program.

Oh, I promised to talk a little about starting Storytelling and I'll share about Historic Character Presentations, in my next two writings. Keep a smile on your face, love in your heart and a rainbow around your shoulder.

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