Friday, October 23, 2009

Leaving Downingtown

Hello, folks. Well, first I must admit I feel much better this morning. I definitely had a cold coming on along with constant performances and it was catching up to me. I slept in this morning and feel a lot better. Still have to travel home and I have a long night ahead getting ready for the Kentucky trip which starts tomorrow. Should be loads of fun!

I had a blast here in the Downingtown area. I met Benita Butcher, President of Brandywin Wallace Elementary School's Homes and Schools (the version of PTA around here). Wonderful woman and she has already tentatively booked me for a program in March. Thanks, Brandywine Wallace teachers for your strong recommendation. :)

Here are a couple things about this area if you come. Try Isaac's Restaurant and Deli behind the Comfort Suites hotel (700 Uwchlan Ave.). The deli has great fresh food and loved the Flamingo (roast beef) sandwich and the Utz combination chips - well done! The Comfort Suites is a new hotel and is great for business travel - free breakfast, good rates and great staff, oh, and great location - 4 restaurants in walking distance (2 outside the back door). Red Robin is here - and they are always good. Uno's Chicago Bar and Grill was my surprise of the week. I thought all they did was pizza - was I wrong. I loved their Lobster and Shrimp Pasta - great. Hot apple cider when I came in the door (and it was free) and Kate was my server both times and remembered me. [Kate is a Kindergarten Teacher at Goddard School in Marshallton area of WEst Chester. I'll be visiting her class today - a little gift.]

Lots of history. I was strongly encouraged by an AFrican-American woman, Levina, I think to visit Downingtown and see the log cabin where her family, the Boggs, lived. They are the oldest AFrican-American family in the Downingtown area and Uwchlan Elementary School has that history drawn on its wall in their cafeteria - Huzzah! I'll be that way today and will make sure to stop by and see.

God continues to watch over me. My biggest lesson this week - slow down and think and take my vitamins and medicine on time and consistently. A lot of my becoming sick was not doing the basics everyday - forgetting vitamins on Monday (all day), not drinking all the water given to me, forgetting to take the Mucinex-DM to assist with my lungs, not sleeping well. So, that is the next thing to watch. Keep me in prayer.

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