Saturday, October 17, 2009

- A) My trips, B) My Performances, C) Progress on CD and D) God's hand in all the above
I am in Westminster, MD. Yesterday I performed at Faith Christian School which is held at Hilltop Church. This was the 5th year of performance at the school. I saw kids yesterday that I had met my first year - and they have grown so much. It was funny to see the now high schoolers remembering me. :)

I did a Pre-School program - "My Piano" - which went well. However, the best part of that program was the preparation the teacher gave to her students. I had the opportunity to watch her as she walked her students through how to listen to stories. Then they walked over to where I was sitting and put it in practice - Great job, Ms. Gist!!

I then gave my 18th-Century Storytelling presentation as Ol' Bess to the 3rd and 4th graders. This was the first time the 3rd graders were involved. Wendi Bangerd has been my contact ever since Lora Strosnider left and she continues to do a wonderful job. If you want to know how to do a Colonial Day in the most adverse weather, including inside archaelogy projects - she is the one to contact.

Finally, I ended with a performance for the rest of the Elementary School. I did my AFrican-American stories program which includes spirituals. I will tell you the teachers were just as excited as the students. That was fun to see. And the students, particularly the Kindergarteners, were so excited to see me back. They were waiting for stories. Wouldn't it be great if students wanted all education that bad. I am teaching while telling stories. I told them about spirituals and their creation, about the slaves and how they came from Africa with nothing, but what they had in their minds. And,of course, the morals to the stories. So it's all teaching - we need to find ways to include more and more storytelling into our teaching. I believe I have decided on a new Professional Development about Historical Fiction coming alive - need a title and some permissions with the stories I want to use as examples - should be fun. I'll keep you posted.

Well, I leave in just a little while for home - Yeah!! Only to pack for tomorrow to Pennsylvania. It should be raining all the way to Hampton, and then tomorrow all the way to PA. I'm feeling more and more like a duck.

No progress on the CD, except that everyone wants one. That's good. I've given all my proposals out for investment and we'll see where God leads next. God was so gracious, Wendi and Ms. Howard and I went out to eat at O'Lourdan's Irish PUb in Westminster - loved the atmosphere and the food. Service a tad slow, but doable. Would definitely go back. Then went to see my friend, Lora Strosnider, in the play, "A Turn for the Nurse" at the Carroll Arts Center. She is a great performer and did a wonderful job in the play. Her husband helped with the set, and her son was there to surprise her on opening night as well. It was great to see her. Love you, Lora.

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